Client feedback

Here are a few things that previous clients of Spurway Training have had to say:

‘When I was looking for Equality and Diversity training for my team I immediately approached Jamie Spurway, as he had delivered an excellent Refugee Awareness course for us earlier in the year. Jamie possesses all the qualities I look for in a trainer. He is an excellent facilitator and puts people at ease, allowing them to speak openly and honestly about their concerns and ask questions without feeling embarrassed. This is essential when training people on a subject like Equalities, where people are at times worried about saying ‘the wrong thing’. Jamie spoke with me before planning the course and identified my expectations and priorities for the session. He had researched our organisation and our core business. Jamie tailored the course to meet our needs which kept the interest of the team as it was wholly relevant to their work. I would thoroughly recommend Jamie as a trainer. He has delivered courses to my team on two different subjects and both have been exemplary. We will definitely be inviting him back!’

Morven MacLean, Macmillan Volunteering Manager 

‘We contacted Spurway Training regarding a short term piece of consultancy work exploring volunteering practice amongst refugee populations in West Scotland. Jamie was absolutely fantastic – he was responsive to tight deadlines, immediately understanding of the project requirements and produced reports that reflected an in-depth understanding and expertise. I was very impressed and can easily recommend Spurway Training.’

Phil Arnold, Senior Services Manager, Refugee & International Tracing Services
British Red Cross – Refugee Unit


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