School lectures and workshops

At Spurway Training we have extensive experience of delivering talks and workshops for school groups.  Our usual topic would be a presentation on ‘Refugees in Scotland’ in which we cover:

  • The meanings of common immigration terminology like ‘asylum seeker’ and ‘refugee’
  • Which countries refugees usually come from, why people flee those countries, and how some manage to travel to the UK
  • What are the living circumstances of refugees in Scotland and what can pupils do to help?

The sessions can be delivered as a lecture or with interactive exercises that will engage the pupils with the subject.  One to two hours is a common length for our sessions.

We also offer classes using an interactive story, ‘Habtom from Eritrea’, where students make realistic choices that influence the outcome.  Here is a sample page from the story:example-slide-of-a-choice-pupils-will-face.jpg

‘This is a tremendous resource and has been highly effective in our school.’
Gillian Ferguson, Depute Rector of Hutchessons Grammar, describing the interactive story of Habtom.

Pupils work together in small groups to discuss the challenging dilemmas they are presented with.  The experience encourages empathy with the desperation that many refugees experience.


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